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Educational Projects

Cause Collective organizes many educational opportunities throughout the year. We hope there is something for all members at every staff level. 


The Cause Collective Board 101 Training is a free 1 to 1.5 hour training that reviews basic roles & responsibilities of a nonprofit board.  This is a free training for Cause Collective members' board of directors.
To request a training, click the link below to complete the request form.  

If you have any questions you can email us at director@causecollectivelincoln.org



The Cause Collective Skill Share program connects member agency staff with a specialist to discuss a nonprofit topic or would just like a bit of mentoring in a confidential 'one to one' setting, for one hour.  

Once we receive the form, you will be matched with one of our specialists within 2 weeks to set up a meeting.    If none are available for a particular topic at that time, we will reach out directly to discuss any other options we may have.

This is a new program, and we welcome feedback in the process.



Through a partnership with Ingrid Kirst Consulting and generous local funders, Cause Collective offers the Successful Transitions program. This highly-recommended program covers all aspects of succession planning including both emergency planning and long-range leadership development. A small cohort of organizations participates in interactive, virtual learning sessions. They also each receive individual coaching to address their organization's situation.  


Alec Gorynski, Lincoln Community Foundation says, 'Successful Transitions helped me think about how we structure our team now so that our staffing model can continue to effectively run our organization well beyond any one member of the team.  I learned so much, and highly recommend the program for anyone, especially if you have no succession planning in place.'

Lynne Lange, past executive director at the Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence, said "The Successful Transitions program is an opportunity that every organization should embrace. It allows for planning that embraces our ever-changing times, including Executive Director transitions; shift in staff member roles, responsibilities and growth; and solidifying a path for the Board of Directors to be mindful regarding their tasks and future leadership plans."


The next class is scheduled to start in January 2024.


Unless otherwise indicated, trainings are $15 for any staff/board member of a member agency and $45 for all others

Bridges Out of Poverty 


Bridges Out of Poverty works across all community sectors to address the root causes of poverty. The purpose is to reduce the barriers to success posed by economic class differences among people and groups. Bridges out of Poverty offers innovative concepts and training that help employers, community organizations, social services agencies, and individuals comprehensively address poverty. People from all economic classes come together to improve job retention rates, build resources, improve outcomes, and support those who are moving out of poverty.

Bridges out of Poverty helps communities:

1. Move individuals from poverty to self-sufficiency

2. Reduce social costs related to crime, poor health and welfare

3. Enhance economic development

4. Improve on-the-job productivity

5. Revitalize neighborhoods

6. Build sustainable communities where everyone can live well

The Food Bank of Lincoln has been the backbone agency in Lincoln for implementing this initiative since 2016. We look forward to partnering with agencies, organizations, and businesses who want to work to move individuals and families out of poverty.

These trainings will be offered monthly for the next two months. 


Georgann Roth, Community Resource Manager

I'm not one to hurl credentials to try to impress. I'm more than words on a paper. I don't care about degrees, where you work, how much money you make, or who your friends are. It's important to me that you're honest, kind, authentic, and passionate about life and helping others! If you're a kind human being who helps others, SWEET! You’re my people!Creativity is my JAM! I look to be creative in all that I do. It is a super important part of my existence. My current role as Community Resource Manager at the Food Bank of Lincoln has allowed me to stretch my creative mind as I re-imagine and re-build the Bridges Out of Poverty & Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin'-By World initiatives. 


May 22nd, 9-10:30am
The Food Bank of Lincoln
1221 Kingbird Rd


Ethical Principles to Guide Human Services Professionals 


Professionals in the field of human services face a wide range of concerns and situations, related to the populations we treat and support, which can be complex and require decision making based on a guiding and supportive code of ethics.  The use of a developed code of ethics not only supports thoughtful and protective decision making but also the integration of supportive and effective treatment strategies, it also protects all individuals involved in human services relationships.  This two-hour presentation will offer an opportunity to better understand counseling principles of ethical practice as defined by the American Counseling Association and include the interactive experience to apply these principles to presented case studies.  This presentation will promote the implementation of these principles in the daily work of human services professionals to best support those we serve and to better protect professionals from ethical pitfalls.  


Crayton C. Jirovsky, MS.Ed., LIMHP. LADC

I am Crayton Jirovsky and I am a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor in the State of Nebraska. I completed my graduate counseling work at The University of Nebraska at Kearney and have been licensed and practicing the treatment of co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders on an outpatient basis in the State of Nebraska since 2011. I have worked diligently to utilize evidenced based practice and the development of the therapeutic alliance to promote client growth and movement toward positive outcomes. I have now been in private practice for 9 years.


July 11th, 8:30 - 10:30am
Vital Services



The better we all know each other, the better we work together.Cause Collective facilitate partnerships, collaborates with its members and is a central information sharing center for nonprofits in Lincoln.


By providing nonprofits individual and group trainings throughout the year they become better and more efficient at running their business, and in turn their services to the community improve.


One of the most important things a nonprofit can do to help those they serve is advocate for them. We help nonprofits understand how to advocate and lobby to improve public policy, making a more supportive and stronger community.